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General Questions

We’ve developed these FAQ for the convenience of our customers. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The key ingredients in every type of concrete are water, cement and aggregate. The ratio of ingredients (or addition of other materials) determines the type of concrete produced. Various aggregates can be used depending on the application (for example, pea gravel can be used to create an exposed aggregate finish). Additional add materials can be used to enhance strength or allow better workability.

The ideal mix depends on your application. We can produce the ideal mix for any requirement, using a different mix and ratio of ingredients. Whether you need concrete that is more free-flowing, or high-strength, we can customize your concrete product and mix it right on site.
The longevity and durability of concrete means it will rarely need replacing or upgrading, so its production and use has a lower environmental impact than some other materials. In addition, concrete is 100% recyclable.
Calculating the exact amount of concrete you need for a project is relatively straightforward in most cases, with a simple calculation of width x length x thickness. The trickier problem for most people is determining the thickness and type of concrete needed for a specific application. We encourage you to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly concrete specialists.
Determining what type of concrete you need depends on several factors, including the type of project, ground conditions, and purpose of the structure, etc. These factors will determine if you need a standard concrete mix, or a specialized mix. We offer a variety of products and can help you choose the right concrete mix for your job.
Volumetric concrete is the concrete produced by PourBoys use of volumetric mixing trucks. Our trucks carry concrete ingredients on board, and mix the concrete on site for immediate pouring at the required location. Some of the benefits of volumetric concrete are: a) the ability to produce different concrete batches for multiple applications on one site, b) carefully metered delivery, so you only pay for what you use, and c) maximum workability time for each new batch that is produced.

The answer can vary, depending on your project. When in doubt, you should consult a construction professional.

Pouring concrete in freezing weather can be problematic due to the water used in concrete formulation. We recommend following TXDot guidelines: to stop pouring when the ambient temperature is 35° and falling, and to resume pouring when the ambient temperature is 35° and rising.

The Pour Boys volumetric concrete mixers need someplace to park to deliver your concrete. This requires the equivalent space of a standard commercial box truck. Customer is responsible for locating all underground utilities that may be affected by construction traffic.

Yes. We will deliver your required concrete to any location in the DFW metroplex. (If you are outside our indicated service area, please call.) If the pour site does not have adjacent access to the work site, you will need to have your own workers on site to transport the concrete to the work site.

Concrete pours do involve mess. All PourBoys vehicles carry water hoses to help with clean up. We suggest you take precautions before a job starts to further decrease the amount of cleaning up after the pour. To minimize spillage, our trucks are equipped with tarpaulins underneath the concrete mixer’s auger and chute. To minimize site cleanup after the pour, use caution to avoid spillage when transporting concrete via wheelbarrows, and have a washout area available once the pour has finished.

The PourBoys volumetric mixers produce concrete as you go, so there is no ‘excess’ concrete - you only pay for what you use.

4 Yards of concrete is the minimum order. Minimum charges will vary depending on time and distance traveled.
Each PourBoys volumetric truck can deliver up to 9 yards of concrete mix. For larger pours, we can schedule multiple trucks to handle your project.
Yes. Our concrete specialists are available to discuss your project and recommend the best materials. Customers are solely responsible for construction engineering issues. PourBoys is not responsible for design/engineering efficiencies or failures.
Yes. Same day service is available in many situations. Please call for availability and scheduling.
We recommend scheduling your delivery 2-3 workdays before you will need your concrete. You can schedule in advance subject to customer confirmation on the morning of the delivery.